~Titanic Heroes: an educational Non-Profit organization~

We are dedicated to:

Spreading the true stories of Titanic Heroism- stories to inspire a new generation of young men and women to live sacrificial lives.

“Greater love hath no man known than this, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” — John 15:13

Who are we?

We are Cady (15) and Benjamin (13) Crosby, a brother-sister team who have been inspired and energized by stories of heroic virtue from the past and who are committed to honoring that virtue by sharing these stories with others.

How do we share these stories?

We create and deliver products and presentations that Teach, Challenge, and Inspire. We use historical dramatization to Teach audiences about important historical events. We deliver thought provoking multimedia presentations to Challenge audiences to ask, “What would I have done?” We Inspire audiences to live the 3G PrinciplesTM in their own lives. Our presentations are available to schools, youth groups, churches, scout units, community groups, civic groups, and businesses.

Why do we do this?

We do this because we believe that a life without virtue is like a ship without a rudder. Every life needs purpose and direction. Stories of real-life heroes have the ability to inspire and challenge us to both value and imitate heroic virtue.

How did we get started?

Our adventure into creating multimedia presentations on heroic virtue began when our interest in speech arts and debate converged with our research on the centennial of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. So for 2012, the theme of our presentations centered on the story of RMS Titanic; but now, we have expanded our presentations to include many other examples of "titanic" virtue based on real-life stories.